Build checklists, conduct inspections, file reports

Create a Checklist
in minutes

From the Manager console, use our simple drag and drop interface to create your checklists and forms. Selecting from a number of different templates, checklists can be ordered to your needs in any number of combinations.

Select from the
template library

Managers can select from a huge number of different templates. Invite staff to make notes, answer single or multiple-choice questions, and digitally sign to confirm the information that has been recorded accurately. All questions asked can be set to mandatory or non-mandatory responses.

Automatically share
the latest forms

Choose if a Checklist should be sent on a regular basis, or as a “one off”. Set who should respond, how many team members should respond and on which device. The Checklist will arrive to the relevant devices as a Card and will be dismissed once the task is completed.

Make your instructions
exceptionally clear

Help team members understand exactly what they need to check by including reference information within the form. Include photos of the equipment they need to check, and detailed written instructions.

Smart capture
Smart reporting

Report data is instantly visible in the Our People Manager Console. Track completed Checklists and drill into specific responses. Easily identify areas for improvement and look back over historical reporting data. Need to export the data via API? Extend your data with our smart integrations.

Why Our People Checklists will ✅ all your boxes

On any device

Create a location specific device, or save money and allow team members to complete checklists using their own smartphone

Track frequency

Easily see how your team are doing, and track which Checklists have been completed, any those that are outstanding.

Spot Issues

Easily see problematic areas that need Manager attention. All data is easily viewed in the Our People Console.

Track Solutions

Easily view which team member has taken responsibility for fixing any issues, and track their progress.

Multiple Formats

Inspection reports can be delivered in PDF, Word, CSV, JSON, HTML, or XML formats.

Multiple Recipients

Choose which Managers should receive report updates. All report data is delievered to their App as a Card.

get started today…

If you can make a list or send an email, you can use Our People. Starting a team is really that simple.