Boost your customer service excellence

Your frontline teams rarely have access to a computer or corporate email during their shift. OurPeople provides businesses with the tools to engage everyone in a simple intuitive platform.

Create engaging content

Over 13 different types of card you can broadcast including videos, images, events, quizzes, tap to sign and many more.

Reach the right people

Smart Tags profile communications to treat everyone as an individual.

Everything your team sees is relevant, quick to read and easy to understand.

Reach relevant teams with crucial company information in seconds.

Know they know

Take away the guess work, see who’s seen your broadcasts.

Get detailed reporting on the content you produce and how it’s received.

When sending out important information, have absolute clarity on who has received it.

OurPeople takes you further


Team members talk 1:1, in groups or via Topics created by Management. Allow simple communication across your workforce, all within company control.


Using Tags, create files and folders that only relevant team members can view. Share documents, images, videos and more.


From organising team events and training to covering shifts OurPeople has you covered with quick and easy Card interactions.