Picture the scene — a trade show floor more than two football fields in size, swarming with thousands of industry professionals catching up, making plans, sharing ideas and showing off their slice of the pie. Throw in interactive displays, workout spaces, demo booths, and the Californian sunshine and you’re starting to get a picture of IHRSA, one of the top events in the USA for the fitness industry, which we attended in April.

Now, OurPeople doesn’t exclusively serve the fitness industry, but we were born to it and we don’t forget our roots! The educational seminars, which took place on the 12th floor of San Diego Convention Centre, were designed to help owners learn about the industry’s health, where it’s going and how they can ensure their clubs match the expectations of an ever-changing client base and the industry at large.

The trade show wasn’t just about tech, but you couldn’t help noticing the most innovative adaptions in the industry are tech-based — and not just by slapping a tablet onto a treadmill and calling it ‘new’.

VR and automation products are clearly going to transform gyms, improving how people train and retaining clients born into an ever-more technological world.

One VR snowboarding system demonstrated, for example, how it allows professional snowboarders to train — even in the offseason. VR gaming has come on leaps-and-bounds with one example requiring the user to perform an almost Zumba-like workout whilst attacking zombies. Gamification at its most gratifying!

Technogym was showcasing its indoor cycle system, allowing users to see and track their stats on a screen in the class — a virtual ‘race’ in exertion. There’s no motivation like competition, right?

On the other side of the tech coin, many companies are focussing on increasing revenue for their clubs with client apps, allowing owners to drive more revenue by encouraging clients to book extra classes, offer special promotions, or use it to upsell.

OurPeople fits into this cost-saving space by helping clubs increase revenue on one of their highest costs — their team. It’s designed to help operators increase revenue, employee retention and improve communications with innovative solutions; helping operators to push out important and relevant information in seconds — and better than any methods they used before.

Ensuring no classes need to be canceled, decreasing turnover, increasing awareness around products or promotions — and keeping connected — it’s a solution crafted for the unique challenges that are present in the fitness space.

We’re proud to already work with some of the largest names in the business, from Orange Theory to Club Pilates and Virgin Active.

We know we’ll be back to IHRSA and are honored to represent such a meaningful part of the industry as it looks set to continue to thrive and innovate. Join us for the ride!

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