Mobile first Team Communication for modern day teams

OurPeople focuses on frontline employees to deliver critical communications to team members right when they need it.

Know the communication has been seen

Everything that is sent via the OurPeople platform is tracked. So, whether you are sending a simple reminder video or a crucial health and safety document, instantly track who has and who hasn’t seen the communication.

Streamline Communication so that team members engage

OurPeople makes it easy to send targeted communication to segmented groups, teams or individuals, so that they only receive communication relevant to them. This increases the effectiveness of the communication and engagement, as each push notification is relevant to them, saving them time from scrolling through
irrelevant content.

Communication that is all within company control

Centrally managed by your team, with all data held within the App, and no personal data visible to other users, OurPeople seamlessly fits into your employee
data protection as well as termination and removal of access rights protocols. Once a Team member has left the business, all data is removed from their device, keeping vital company information secure.