Communicating with everyone in your business just got easier

Managers: the majority of your Team don’t have corporate email. Nor do they come into contact with a company computer during their shift. This presents a few basic challenges. The first and most obvious is communication. Managing a mobile workforce can make sharing your message very difficult, but there is an easy solution.

Whether it be a training update, request for feedbackcompliance, or a simple meeting reminder, communicating your message to the right Team members at the right time is a huge challenge. Using the OurPeople Team Engagement tool, every single employee can be included with relevant and easily digested communications, right to their smartphone.

All staff can be included in the communication, not just the privileged few

Traditionally, due to their cost and pain to create and maintain, corporate email accounts have been reserved for more senior workers. With the OurPeople Team Engagement tooleveryone can now be included.

Staff are better informed, leading to better customer service and team morale

If your staff don’t understand the latest sales promotion, IT system change or safety procedure, this can in turn have an impact on your Customers. The majority of staff want to be effective in their jobs, and morale can often be negatively impacted if the Team are not provided with clear instructions, or relevant information.

With the OurPeople Team Communication tool, “Broadcasts” can be used to provide relevant content to Team Members in a matter of minutes. All staff interaction can be reported upon by management.

Replace Whatsapp with your app

Over the past couple of years, there has been real trend for Team members taking communication into their own hands, and implementing their own communication methods — regardless of company policy or procedure. There has been a huge surge in staff members creating Whatsapp groups to communicate with one another. Whilst this demonstrates the eagerness of staff to speak with each other in real-time, this does cause potential security issues for the company, with little or no way to control who is included in the conversation and who could access the data.

The OurPeople app provides Team members with access to “Conversations” meaning they can communicate with each other in real time, but crucially all within company control.

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