Communicate effectively in times of crisis with OurPeople

Company wide communication is critical during times of crisis. Our mobile first platform for business continuity management can help you instantly connect and communicate with your entire team.

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Real time crisis communication

Coronavirus updates in real time

Deliver critical updates across departments, locations, teams. Onboard temporary support staff. Respond fast and adapt quickly to changes.

Gather intel and react quickly

Implement quick and simple forms employees can fill out and submit to management.Set up symptom alarms & self-quarantine confirmation.

Safe, secure and GDPR compliant

The OurPeople Team Communication App is fully encrypted and CCPA compliant. Take control of your internal communications.

Reach the right people

Use Tags to reach the right people at the right time. The OurPeople communication tools allow you to customise the way you communicate with your team to make sure your message gets through.

Know they know

Everything Managers and Team Leaders send through the OurPeople platform is recorded. Know who has seen your communications and who has responded. Vital for compliance and communication tracking.

More than crisis communication

OurPeople is way more than a messaging platform. Send photos, videos, surveys, quizzes and polls. Have team members sign important documents or download important documents. Everything they see is relevant to them and stored securely.


  • Realtime communication
  • File storage
  • Quizzes and knowledge tests
  • Video, Photo sharing
  • Secure business chat
  • Employee onboarding
  • Document signing
  • GDPR compliant

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