Electronic employee onboarding made super easy

Engage with your team starting from day one. Take the hassle out of the onboarding process with the OurPeople team electronic onboarding tool.

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Simplify the onboarding process

Decrease time to productivity

Remove the paperwork and the computer. Deliver content direct to your new employees smartphone so they can get up and running in no time.

Engage new hires from day one

Empower the team member to feel more engaged. Deliver personalised content sooner allowing them to feel like part of the team from day one.

Built to fit your organisation

Tailor company onboarding flows for different teams, locations, and levels in the organisation so everyone gets the information they need.

Personalize the electronic onboarding process

OurPeople delivers simple, targeted communications via Cards within the native OurPeople App. With no passwords to remember, team members can login within seconds using their cell number.

Know they know

Everything Managers and Team Leaders send through the OurPeople platform is recorded. Know who has seen your communications and who has responded. Vital for compliance and communication tracking.

Decrease time to productivity

OurPeople is way more than a messaging platform. Send photos, videos, surveys, quizzes and polls. Have team members sign important documents or download important documents. Everything they see is relevant to them and stored securely.


  • Electronic employee onboarding
  • File storage
  • Quizzes and knowledge tests
  • Video, Photo sharing
  • Secure business chat
  • Realtime communication
  • Document signing
  • GDPR compliant

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