Employee Training

Provide employees with the skills they need to succeed in their role. Refresh their knowledge over time and boost their development.

To make sure your business is always pushing forward and operating the best it can, you need your employees to be at their best. This means you need to invest in employee training so they’re using the latest tools and techniques to produce the best results. Training and development starts on an employee’s first day but you can implement employee training plans for the duration of their career with you. Show your staff you care about them and their future with a personalised employee development plan focused on their role, and you can manage this through the OurPeople platform.

Simple Training And Development For Frontline Teams

Build mobile-based employee training courses for team members to work through on the device they use every single day. Create modules and lessons, and set pass percentages, that are linked to specific teams and job roles.

By using a single platform, like OurPeople, to handle team communication, onboarding and employee development, it means your staff can focus on a single tool, making it more likely they will use and engage with the content you want them to see and respond to.

Team Training
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