5 ways we can improve Team Communication in the Leisure Industry

Stu Margetts
Jan 25, 2022

Maintaining clear and effective team communication with a workforce where the majority do not have regular or consistent access to email, or even a computer, is a huge challenge – especially in industries where frontline teams are interacting with customers and not behind a desk.

Leisure industry workers spend most of their time focusing on day to day operational tasks, whether it’s poolside, in the gym, or working with customers and clients, leaving little time for company updates, training or communication in general. This makes effective communication even more important, as sharing information and updates in real-time can help other staff, teams, and the whale business perform better. Having access to a communication platform that can be used on any device can really help with this.

Using The Right Communication Tool

The right communication tool provides a lot of benefits to any business, and it goes beyond simply being able to keep in touch with your staff and different teams.

Having a communication platform that your teams can access anywhere, from any device, means they are more likely to be able to see and respond to the messages you send. It removes the need to check at a computer or set device by making use of the devices your staff already have, whether that’s through the app or web interface.

We take this further at OurPeople by offering even more features to make it a centralised experience for business to manage and operate through. This helps with staff onboarding, covering shifts, organising meetings and much more.

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Why Is Communication Important In A Team?

Communication is important in any business, and just as much in a team, to make sure everyone can do their jobs as effectively as possible. Sharing information is a key part of success, especially when working across different areas or locations. This information can help make sure a better experience and service is given to all customers or clients, which is so important to the leisure industry, especially.

From updates to processes to sharing resources and documents needed to provide that great customer experience, a great communication tool can handle everything you need – and without restricting staff to a desk or set location. This is just one of the benefits of a communication platform like OurPeople.

You can also gather employee and customer feedback through surveys and forms, all through the same devices staff use every day, to make it even easier to make informed business decisions.

Improving Team Communication In The Leisure Industry

The goal of any communication tool is to improve team communication within the business, between managers and staff and between teams. Understanding the features each tool offers and how they can impact your business operations is a fundamental part of choosing the right platform.

The other part of this is what your business does. Each organisation and industry operates in different ways, and the leisure industry is often a fast and busy environment, making ease of use and access to the chosen tool important. However, there are other ways you can make team communication even more effective, such as these five methods:

#1 Invest In A Team Communication Tool

At the end of 2015, 70% of UK adults owned a smartphone (90% of 16–24 year olds) with the average smartphone user spending at least 2 hours per day checking social media, browsing the Internet or shopping online. Whilst face-to-face communication isn’t always possible, using a communication tool provides the ability to utilise technology to massively improve team communication and engage with all employees.

#2 Make The Content Relevant

Leisure industry workers cover a variety of different roles, but not all information is relevant to every team member. Make sure the information shared with employees is as relevant as it can be to each individual and the role(s) they carry out, which a good communication platform like OurPeople can help with, thanks to an effective tag system.

In addition, a national business with staff covering different locations, or even the entire country, faces the challenge of providing content that is interesting to all staff. An employee in Northern Ireland probably doesn’t care too much about what is going on in the South East of England and vice-versa.

#3 Keep It Short

The average Lifeguard or Fitness Instructor is required to be on poolside or in the gym pretty much the moment their shift starts. That means they don’t have time to read lengthy emails, even when they do get to a computer. Keep your messages short and to the point for maximum impact. Enough said.

#4 Establish A BYOD Policy

With the majority of employees owning a smartphone, tablet or laptop, locking them into one operating system for communication makes little sense. Whilst a manager would not want a receptionist using their smartphone whilst on duty at a reception desk, it is impossible to deny that smartphones are here to stay. Implement a bring your own device policy, and make the most of the fact that the majority of employees are always within arms reach of their smartphone by reaching them on the very devices they already use.

#5 Celebrate Achievements

Share the great work that team members are carrying out to all staff by making the content relevant and focusing on specific company regions or centres. Whilst an employee in the South West will obviously be delighted that a colleague in the North East has received “employee of the month”, narrowing this down to a “local” level will help to motivate staff as they see that the recognition is more achievable in locations and centres relevant to where they work.

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Choosing The Right Team Communication Tool For The Leisure Industry

Every single team and staff member can impact a customer visit to a club, gym, or leisure centre. Making sure everyone knows what they need, and have access to the right resources, is crucial to the success of the business and providing the best experience possible to ensure they come back.

OurPeople is a team communication tool designed specifically for businesses with frontline teams dealing with customers, such as the leisure Industry, and is aimed at workforces which do not work from a computer on a regular basis. If you’d like to know more about how this communication platform can help your business, contact a member of our team today.

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