Communication is a two-way street

Significantly, digital tools have helped connect staff to their managers in a more immediate and effective way over the pandemic and beyond. Frontline teams have had to deal with a huge number of challenges over this period as they risk catching the virus themselves or even spreading it to their families or dependents as they continue to work.

Even as the pandemic subsides and protocols become more established, the importance of personalized messaging cannot be understated. Choosing a tool that has the ability to personalize messaging to individuals as well as the entire team is key, particularly as most remote teams spend their day on the go without time to sift through messages to find the relevant information for them.

Mobile-based technologies and the right digital communication platforms like OurPeople enable managers to contact staff wherever they are and keep them connected while working. Tailoring information to the individual means that the right people receive the right updates, combating update fatigue, and making the most of team members’ time.

Mobile-based digital tools also enable managers to see if they’ve interacted with updates on an individual level, giving them a good idea of what their engagement levels are like and whether they need to touch base.

This means both parties benefit from targeted messaging. The recipient receives information that is important to them and their role, and the sender is provided with a level of detail about who has and hasn’t engaged with the information provided – meaning they can follow up or provide additional clarity as required.

Our people engagement platform

As the pandemic remains incredibly volatile, adhering to more rigorous standards and protocols that will help safeguard teams will likely remain in place for some time, and will continue to be subject to change. Throughout this, it’s important we continue to support teams with the right digital tools that make better use of their time and more personal connections to their wider team.

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