Fitness innovation at FIBO USA led by Tech

Ross McCaw
Nov 13, 2019

With decades of experience in the industry, FIBO USA 2019 was a truly diverse and unique event, attracting suppliers and attendees from all around the globe.

The three-day event, set in the Miami Beach Convention Center, welcomed thousands of attendees to a vast Exhibition Hall and show-space, as well as a packed timetable of educational sessions and seminars.

Welcoming a huge range of businesses, from equipment suppliers, to CBD and food products. Crowds came in waves down the aisle of the Exhibition Hall, where OurPeople occupied booth #344.

Seeing such a diverse range of new and unique products, franchising opportunities and programs speaks volumes about how the fitness industry continues to grow; peers and colleagues are leveraging new technology and harnessing social media to continue to drive demand in the industry like never before.

It was particularly important for us to see the franchise opportunities that are ever-gaining in popularity, as OurPeople fits perfectly alongside this model. There is a unique range of challenges in managing franchise teams – from important compliance checks, to team training and instructor sub management. OurPeople fills all the gaps that are left from CMS’s and growing franchise opportunities.

We were delighted to see the app both working so fantastically for existing clients and having the opportunity to show it to prospective ones. Amongst the many questions we were asked was whether OurPeople competes with other instructor apps – and the answer is no! Our app focuses on retaining one of the most valuable assets to every business – the people that are working with the clients – not the clients themselves. Instructor apps tend to be designed for client retention and revenue growth, where OurPeople focuses on employee training, communications and scheduling conflicts.

The FIBO USA event felt different to others taking place globally – there was a vast quantity of innovation that we hadn’t seen before, from reusable heating pads to wireless vests built for muscle stimulation. The perfect event for our own piece of communication innovation.

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