Have you read and understood this message?

Jan 30, 2017

More often than not, Operators may need to demonstrate that a particular communication has been sent and digested by the entire team. For example:

It can sometimes be tricky to know who has received and most importantly read and understood the message.

The OurPeople Team Engagement Tool offers a variety of ways to not only keep your Team informed, but to keep a full record of who has received and read each communication.

Step one: broadcast builder tool

The Broadcast Builder tool, allows management to create a series of “cards” that are sent to the Team Member’s smartphone. Management can send up to five different types of “cards” per Broadcast and target the communication using Tags.

Step two: team member

Once received the Team Member can review on their smartphone, viewing all of the relevant changes / information in a number of easily digested “cards” on screen. Once the Team Member has read all the information, they tap the confirmation button. The OurPeople software automatically records the time and date the confirmation was tapped as a “digital signature“.

Step three: report

As soon as the Team Member has responded, this is instantly reported back to the OurPeople console. The reporting dashboard details the percentage of responses vs. the number of pending responses. This data is permanently held and can be exported to Excel as required to produce an instant compliance report.

OurPeople is a Team Engagement Tool designed specifically for the Fitness Industry, aimed at workforces, which do not work from a computer on a regular basis. Are you interested in finding out more?

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