How mobile learning is stacking up against traditional training systems

Oct 4, 2018

Technology has been changing the way we work and play for years. Whether it’s that great new cooking app for home or a new CRM implemented by leadership to save time, new developments continue to make our lives easier. Recently, OurPeople has been introduced to dozens of large companies that have succeeded in their businesses for years with old methods. However, to stay ahead of their competition, they know they need to move and adapt with technology. As shopping sites continue to devour retail stores, it has been imperative for retailers to maintain a superior level of customer service and appreciation. This culture has proven effective and part of this change has been linked directly to how we train employees who are on the frontlines.

“New team members commonly are overwhelmed and drowned in information”

Let’s picture this for a moment, there is a new employee starting in one of your locations. Employees who come onboard to a new company know they are in for a load of work with that too. There are new sales skills and products to learn, most of which, is hammered through to them via online learning courses, meetings, or one-on-one training. In the end, if they gave everything they had for attention most of what they learned will stick, but delivering product knowledge, processes, policies, etc. all at once in the form of a firehose of information is overwhelming. These training methods continue to leave the local manager with constant training gaps and follow-ups no matter how good the slideshow or trainer. Breaking training content down into quick, easy to understand pieces is key to happier and more knowledgeable teams; increasing customer satisfaction and lowering costs of mistakes, manager retraining, etc. Historically, learning management systems have broken learning down into modules, and courses which is great — but this still requires an employee to sit for hours out back clicking next on a slide show, desperately trying to speed up and get back to human interaction. Studies have shown that breaking training courses down into more interactive and targeted bits are 17% more efficient and increase knowledge and engagement by over 50% compared to older learning methods.

Learning management systems have always been focused on providing an “easy” system for their training producers to target who and when training materials should be delivered. This, of course, can take time on two different levels and when it comes down to it, there is a lot of wasted time in managing eLearning courses. Producers will create courses that are specific to a group of people and will usually know who to send it to by job code, etc. This system is regularly broken and to ensure everyone does receive the latest training, the slideshow is usually uploaded so people can enroll into it. On the other side, frontline teams can waste time taking courses that are not relevant to them or it is repetitive content they have already known, wasting more time and taking attention away from the customer. If only there was a smart way to ensure everyone who is relevant to the training received it in just a few clicks! With OurPeople, training producers can leverage what is called “Smart Tags”. A quick way for training material producers to ensure it reaches the right people in seconds. Employees will never receive training that is irrelevant to them or be required to search a giant database of slideshows until they find the right one again. Saving time on both sides of the coin and at the end of the day, money.

Now that we know just a few ways companies are changing how they train and arm their teams with the right content at the right time, let’s look at who our employee is on the ground floor, helping more of your customers every day. The average employee has less than 1% of their time each week to focus on training and development. The average worker is overwhelmed with tasks to complete, generally distracted, and impatient. How and where they learn has become increasingly important in a lot of large companies to ensure their teams stay ahead of the curve. Mobile optimized learning is nothing new and eLearning software companies have been trying to leverage this with their customers for years to no avail. What it comes down to is this, how do you attract the attention of your average hourly employee and teach them something crucial to your company’s vision in a matter of 3 minutes? Simple, combine mobile optimized learning with that quick “one-on-one” style that seems to always show a better long-term result. OurPeople has increased knowledge and leveraged mobile learning with quick to read, targeted, and interactive stacks of micro-learning. The power of this can be seen across the board from the amount of time needed to create the content or modify it; to ensuring time spent learning is minimal with the largest impact.

“Thousands are spent annually for ineffective LMS Software”

Micro-learning is preferred for many reasons, your employees love it, customers notice the improved knowledge and happiness, and even more importantly your training producers and bottom-line will thrive. The average learning management system is expensive. When it comes to the software alone, the average annual rate can range from $800-$15,000 a year! Not to mention the amount of payroll spent on creating the content and the time spent by your hourly teams to take these courses. Micro-learning through OurPeople is affordable on all counts, creating a course for your training producers takes 300% less time than any traditional course software and will save 50% or more compared to any other provider on the market.

Learning is changing — with OurPeople and “Learn” your team will flourish over the competition. OurPeople provides leadership with a software suite that is designed for everyone. Your people are what OurPeople strive to improve, so try a demo and learn why targeted bit-sized “micro-learning” is changing the landscape of employee engagement, communications, and training.

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