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Jul 24, 2018

In a world where us managers must find methods that suite everyone’s learning style, while having to conform to the culture set in place already can be a challenge. There are plenty of extra steps and follow up processes you can do but they take more time from you and sometimes fall upon deaf ears. Training today in the hourly workforce is a great thing. Technology has allowed our companies to send and schedule learning courses automatically in a super user-friendly Learning Management System (not really) and the training is also easy to find and targeted (or at least we hope). Most hourly workers dread the cursed “did you do your e-Learning” question every week and it can be costly when you have workers who don’t engage in the training while taking them time to do it, off the sales floor, away from customers.

Queue other learning methods, some can be perfect for an individual and take little to no time from the manager while others can be costly in time and money with few results. Methods commonly seen among hourly workers besides LMS can be online webinar classes, in person on the spot coaching, and in person meeting sessions. All of them are great but between the actual session and follow up, managers can spend more time trying to reinforce their teachings. Unfortunately, this means spending less time driving the business in the direction it needs to go and more time trying to target down to people who didn’t absorb the training as well as others.

This is where OurPeople has come in for countless managers. OurPeople is very flexible and targeted communication and team engagement platform that is changing the way we communicate with our hourly workforce entirely. Simple communication and file center aside, when it comes to training hourly employees OurPeople has made it easier and saves managers a ton of time, OurPeople is the answer managers are looking for.

Comparing the engagement and abundance of information by using OurPeople to a classic LMS is astonishing. Hourly staff have spoken, and they want information delivered to them that is: relevant to them, quick to read, and engaging. OurPeople delivers upon all these needs and more. Compared to an LMS it is tough to ensure everyone is on the same page, some people just click and fly through LMS courses while others just don’t do them at all. LMS courses take time and cost a ton when it comes to payroll; all while taking more time from managers to ensure proper follow up is done. Learning Management Systems are clunky when you have larger organizations. Ensuring every course is targeted and relevant to everyone is a tough task in its own. After you get through targeting who and when to send the training too we still must remember the system itself costs a ton. I mean, literally hundreds of thousands, just to do one simple task — teach people things and record results. Something like this shouldn’t cost companies hundreds of thousands, but at a point in every company, training needs to be streamlined to ensure they are compliant company wide. To stay compliant Learning Management Systems require constant upkeep and development. So not only was the online system expensive but it takes staff internally to create all this content then takes even more payroll to do the courses on the frontline. OurPeople is simple, it is easy to create interactive content, it generates reports automatically, and is way more hourly workforce friendly that any LMS currently available. Managers see better user engagement, content is absorbed quicker, and staff are happier.

Let’s step away from the computer for a minute and see how follow up for managers looks like when it comes to in person coaching. Picture this, a manager is in a store training and coaching on the floor side-by-side with the hourly employee. The manager is driving sales and setting examples for the staff. All of this is a great way to improve your business but when the manager or employee leaves for their shift and comes back the next day, the coaching shine will fade. What must the manager do to continue the conversation after the examples were set in place during that shift? The manager can come back and test their knowledge, the manager can post things in the backroom, or may send an email. This is a seriously huge benefit of the OurPeople platform that I cannot stress enough. It is amazing the results you will see when you do in person coaching but when you create custom automated follow-ups to your teachings in just minutes, it is powerful stuff. It will continue your presence and automatically collect reports on things the hourly team member learned while you were there. For example, after that shift, a manager can quickly create a stack of few tips and tricks that were discussed, then quiz them on the whole day. Saving a manager, a ton of time, improving upon the teachings, and growing the business further than ever before.

The same can be said when it comes to meeting style training sessions. This form of training can be very powerful as it really helps build a strong culture among hourly employees, but it is very costly. Pulling staff from the floor away from customers, or having employees come in before their shifts, payroll will be eaten up across the company quickly. While staff love these meetings, the cost of food, meeting prep, etc. adds up as well. Once the session is complete, sure you can task everyone some “homework” and then during a manager follow up check in on it; but again, more time more money. What if once the session was over, there are custom follow up teachings, refreshers, and tests for everyone who attended? Targeted answers from the “parking lot” for that session and more? Well there is an easy way to do all of this, saving your managers again a ton of time and the company a ton of money. I’ll say it again; OurPeople is the answer managers are looking for.

Turning back to the computer, companies have put in place webinar classes in hopes to save money and time when it comes to training and meeting prep. This can be a great way to teach some things but, in many cases, will not build that culture that in person training does for hourly staff. Yes, it saves money by not pulling every manager off the floor or needing to bring in food for the meeting but at other hidden costs. Hourly staff will sit there very similarly to LMS courses and try to grind through it just so they can be back on the floor talking with people in person instead of through a webcam. While I must admit online webinar classes can be a good thing, there is still little follow up that a trainer from halfway across the country can do with these employees. So, bringing follow up directly to them will be the best method to continue their learning while making them feel like they are a part of something more. “Homework” can be doled out and review in a later session or maybe one-on-one webinars can be done to ensure everyone is on the same page but again, time is money. With OurPeople after the session completes, the trainer can quickly target down to each individual and send stacks of content that they need more help on. This creates great follow up for each individual and automatically generates reports for this national trainer, so they know where to go next with that person. OurPeople has impressed many national trainers as the tools it gives them are what they have wanted for years but never truly receive in its entirety.

After everything is said and done the follow up is key to success with any sort of training. OurPeople brings a method of follow up that is surprisingly simple. It is simple to the manager to create content and simple for hourly staff to use and interact with. Bringing OurPeople on to improve and replace learning methods have proven extremely successful and well received by even skeptical management once the results are clear. If you have hourly staff OurPeople isn’t just what managers were looking for; OurPeople is what your people have been waiting for. Improve your training, improve your business, and improve your culture with OurPeople’s innovative platform today.

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