Keeping Your New Years Resolutions – 5 ways Internal Communications helps with Customer Retention

Jan 22, 2018

It’s January, time for a fresh start. New year, new me! Time to set goals for the coming 12 months.

Turns out that according to Statista, the joint most common New Years Resolution is to Exercise more, with 37% of people (myself included) wanting to get more active over the next 12 months. Unfortunately, studies have found that 80% of us will actually give up on our resolutions within 5 months.

So what does this mean for the Fitness Industry? What can be done to keep these new members from wanting to leave? It has been found that Customer Experience is intrinsically linked to Employee Engagement, with 65% of all lost customers being tracked to a disengaged employee according to Gallup. We also often see members leave when their favoured instructor moves club. Keeping your team engaged, understanding the role that they play in the business and offering them the opportunity to work to the best of their ability are key ways to keep your staff happy.

Contrary to popular belief, more money isn’t the main reason people move jobs, with only 6% of people moving for a higher salary. People look for fulfilment, purpose and growth from their job with Lack of Opportunity ranking as the number 1 reason that people leave. If staff are engaged and enjoying what they do, your new members will be engaged and want to be there. Improving your customer experience will be a by-product of improving your employee experience and key to improving this is an effective internal communication and engagement strategy. This can be a struggle within the fitness industry, as the majority of workers aren’t desk based and have little or no access to a company computer or corporate email, whilst getting metrics on who has read a message is almost impossible, so choosing the right tool to do this is crucial.

Below are 5 ways that improving internal communications can help you to engage with your team.

1. Improved Brand Consistency

Keeping Brand standards and messaging consistent across multiple sites is always a difficulty, especially with a number of casual or part-time workers. Making sure that your team is regularly updated with information relevant to their specific job role and location helps to overcome these challenges. Your brand is a major way you can differentiate yourself and your team are the way that your brand promise is delivered.

2. Give your team the chance to feedback

Nobody likes to be ignored, and your staff are no different. They are the ones interacting with your customer base on a daily basis, so will be able to offer relevant feedback and advice on any issues that may arise. Surveys offer the opportunity to gather information on ways that you may be able to improve the experience of both your staff and customers.

3. Training & Development

According to EuropeActive, 35% of PT’s felt that they aren’t trained with the skills that they want or need. Understanding where these gaps are and helping your team overcome these and grow will help to improve Job Satisfaction, Service and Customer Experience.

4. Understanding their role

Relevant communication will help your team to understand the role that they play in the wider work-ecosystem. Knowing their purpose and being given the right tools and opportunities to achieve this will help keep your staff motivated and all moving in the same direction.

5. Improved Operations

Having the right internal communications tools and strategies can help keep everything running smoothly. Need to arrange cover for that HIIT class this afternoon? Updating the NOP and need to get everyone to read and sign this? The right tools will allow you to complete time-consuming activities easily, and help you to keep track and audit these at any time and allow you to get on with your role as you’re busy enough without these added pressures.

Improving these can help you to retain both staff and customers in a highly competitive market where your people are your USP.

OurPeople enables you to engage with your entire workforce, no matter where they are, on the device of their choice. Tags mean that staff receive relevant messages and have access to relevant information, enabling them to work to the best of their ability. All interactions come back into the platform, finally giving metrics to your internal communications.

OurPeople is a new ground breaking mobile communication technology that is disrupting the Human Capital Management (HCM) industry. Companies struggle worldwide to actively communicate with their hourly employees.

This workforce traditionally does not have access to corporate email systems or computers, and companies around the globe need the ability to communicate and collaborate with their hourly staff. OurPeople is solving this problem by providing a full mobile technology suite which includes Communications, Engagement, Compliance and Testing in one simple to use platform. Find out more here.

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