OurPeople During Lockdown

Stu Margetts
Aug 11, 2020

Lockdown has provided challenges for all of us, whether it’s finding a shop that still has toilet roll in stock, or trying to juggle work and home-schooling children. One challenge a lot of companies have faced is how to maintain staff well-being and engagement whilst many are furloughed, or are working under extremely difficult circumstances on the front-line.

This is a challenge we’ve risen to at OurPeople by helping clients build and deliver micro learning courses to upskill staff on furlough, delivering daily covid symptom checks for key workers and building an SMS mass-messaging bolt-on for NHS staff.

As the pandemic swept across the country people turned to each other for support, and looked to trusted sources for information about what was happening, we saw a huge increase in activity across the platform.

graph showing OurPeople use during lockdown

Not only did we see a massive spike in broadcasts but the number of responses increased hugely and stayed high even as the number of broadcasts began to return to normal levels showing that people were paying much more attention to what was being said.

broadcasts and responses on OurPeople

We also saw a huge increase in the number of chat messages sent at the beginning of lockdown. We have no idea what people were saying to each other as our chat is encrypted end-to-end, but presumably people were keen to hear the latest news about what was happening and reach out to their colleagues to make sure everyone was ok. This increase tailed off as many people got furloughed, but we’ve begun to see it increase again as businesses start to reopen.

chat messages on OurPeople during lockdown

It’s been a real pleasure to provide such an important service to our clients and end-users during what is quite frankly one of the most difficult and worrisome events the world has experienced for some time. The feedback I’ve had from people I’ve spoken to has been heart-warming, with one describing us as a lifeline and another rather effusive client describing us as a shining light during dark times.

If you’d like to find out more about what we’ve been doing why not speak to one of our internal comms experts.

However nice it is to hear compliments from the people I manage to speak to, I’m aware that they are not a representative sample of our users, so we decided to conduct a user survey with several clients, to find out what people really think. Tune in next week for the results!

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