Rapid Response in Retail Propels Multi-Unit Teams

Mar 21, 2019

Part of the Charter Communications Group, Spectrum stores are the retail side of the business, providing internet, cable TV and mobile phone sales.

Jeffrey McClure manages three Spectrum stores in the Portland, Maine region, with a total of sixteen staff members. Wanting to provide better communication among staff, a year ago he took the decision to install the OurPeople app.

McClure explains: “I wanted to be able to provide consistent communication in each of the individual stores but also across all three sites at the same time. Each team member installed the app on their own phone, enabling them to text and share information either on an individual basis, as part of a smaller group or across all three stores; all with the benefit of not having to give out their personal phone number.”

McClure found the app a useful tool for last-minute scheduling changes, providing team members with important documents, and obtaining feedback on information shared to ensure everyone had read and understood it and was fully informed and up to date.

“The OurPeople app really came into its own last winter when the weather was particularly bad with lots of snow. It was invaluable during this period as each week we had more and more snow, making travel difficult and sometimes impossible. The app enabled us to send instant alert messages to the whole team asking who was able to travel, who was closest to a store and could they open-up. Instead of being without staff members it meant we had constant communication and were open as usual, albeit with smaller staffing levels, and able to fulfill our customers’ needs,” says McClure.

The app was rolled out across the three stores with just one launch session, enabling everyone to be up and running quickly. Individual Chat groups, called huddles, were set up for each store, as well as one main group for everyone across the team.

McClure continues: “As the app was so easy to use it was instantly embraced; we used it for group messaging, sending pdf to update staff of things like training updates, pricing, new product rollouts and changes within the company, as well as quizzes to test their knowledge.

“Everyone always carries their phone and so I found the team responded to quizzes really quickly, usually within an hour, and there was a high response rate. This held the staff accountable and also meant I knew they were up to date with current information.

“The OurPeople app worked well for us, providing constant communication, a way of ensuring the whole team was up to date on important issues and enabled us to provide a high level of customer service when the weather would normally have made it extremely difficult.”

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