Reopening Together

Ross McCaw
Jun 5, 2020

As lockdown begins to ease, every business is facing unique challenges in how to reopen. We are all assessing issues of health and safety, and ensuring that the essence of community and purpose is retained when bringing teams and customers back together. Crucially, so much of this is about feeling; feeling protected as a customer, feeling safe at work, feeling that your voice is heard and valued and feeling like you are part of a team, driven by a common purpose. A lot of this comes down to communication, getting the right messages out there, in a format that is engaging, and providing a forum for feedback and response. Unfortunately it is likely that we have all at some stage in our careers experienced the best intentioned plans fail due to bad communication and lack of engagement. There is also reputation to consider, that form of trust that we work so hard to build, but can be lost in a flash, particularly now as people reach out to social media to air and vent their views.

We’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last 8 weeks, it applies to our business as much as it does to everyone else’s; the importance of keeping teams connected, when for the most part, they are physically further apart than ever before. And, like many other businesses, we’ve adapted in order to help key workers be as effective and safe as possible and support our community by listening to what they need. Many updates have been released and more are in the final development stage, all designed to make communication with all management and staff slicker, and crucially, allowing staff voices to be heard.

OurPeople NOW, our lite app released in March, is designed to allow critical communication to be pushed to frontline teams; deployable in 24 hours. It was developed at the beginning of this crisis for the NHS frontline teams and has been hugely successful allowing the vital government messages to be pushed out to the frontline NHS heroes.  Subsequently, many new clients, from all industries and team sizes have been onboarding this product to enable the vital messages about safely re-opening to be sent to staff.

As these businesses get closer to re-opening fully, many are upgrading to OurPeople PRO – an enterprise solution, with the benefits of allowing the distribution of training, shift cover, chat, video communication and importantly, staff surveys.  Short update video messages from the senior management team have had 99% engagement rates, clearly and concisely getting the message across to the team, and more personal than a written document.  The engagement stats from existing clients running short sharp surveys each day or week consisting of one or two vital questions have been fantastic. Therefore enabling the management team to get a clear picture of how staff are feeling, and any issues they need to address in order to ensure everyone feels safe going back to work.

One good thing that has come out of lockdown for many, is this feeling that although we have all been physically apart, in many ways, we have become closer.  Businesses, towns, villages, neighbours, talking and listening, helping each other to get through this pandemic together.  This is now the new norm, and is the one thing that I hope doesn’t change; that we all continue to see the good in each other, work together, stand by each other, listen, learn and communicate.  Not just in business but across all areas of life.  #everyoneconnected

written by Stu Margetts, Head of Business Development

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