Sub requests made simple for fitness studios.

May 1, 2019

The boutique fitness industry continues to boom as the “Wellness Generation” grows the market more than any generation before. More classes, more technology, and more options. Driving member retention within a studio is at every owner’s mind as they continue to expand their operations. How can you retain members though, when you need to continually manage and change class schedules? Canceling a class not only creates a negative experience but members no longer wait for the next class. They will download another app, find another class, attend another studio with a friend, and they are gone.

Studio managers and owners alike have many methods for managing sub requests. Whiteboards, spreadsheets, texting groups, and yet still need to spend hours every month requesting, finding, filling, and updating instructors to cover all classes each week. Looking at today’s workforce of mobile-driven and high-energy instructors, they don’t have time to go back and forth in a text group. Just like your members, they want something simple, an App they can download and simply receive or request classes to sub.

OurPeople has everything a studio owner needs in one place. Subbing and team communications are finally made simple, designed for instructors by a team that has been in the group fitness industry for over a decade. OurPeople was built for your people and work with the most respected brands in the fitness space across the globe. Owners can sign up, build out their team, whether it is one studio or dozens. They can invite their instructors into the private system, and finally, save time, increase member retention, and drive revenue growth.

Instructors that need someone to sub for them can quickly request a sub in just a few taps and move on with their day. OurPeople’s intelligent backend ensures that only other instructors who are approved to cover their class receives it and can accept it in just one tap. This saves time for the instructors, keeps them happy, and most importantly every class is covered.

The largest Group Ex gym in Europe has seen incredible success, with over 500 classes needing a sub in a 30-day time span. OurPeople has saved them time and kept their instructors and members happy. A manager said they had “over 400 of the 500 classes covered within the App”, additional support provided by managers covered the rest. What normally would have been a loss, turned into a stronger bottom line for the gym chain. “This App could literally change the way the entire group exercise industry manages class cover”.

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