The Intranet you once loved is dead — now what?

May 10, 2018

Intranets — what once was a great method for many employers to provide their staff with company files and links, now seems to be a dying breed of tech. Everywhere you look someone is trying to use an intranet; seemingly at every employer there are a renowned few that managed to navigate and be recognized by others as the key person to go to, to find information. These people simply managed to understand the mess of links, shortcuts, folders, etc. that a company put forth and deemed a viable solution to front line staff. It has to be addressed, intranets ARE NOT a good way to communicate and provide all of the company info to everyone. It’s that simple. It can be great as a backup or as an archive — but times have changed, and the intranet has not.

Companies recognize the average employee becomes frustrated with their intranet — but often don’t prioritise finding a better solution. Staff then turn to DIY methods of communicating and storing files but this can be extremely dangerous for any company, so what can be done about it? Why is the intranet dying?

Intranets as they evolve become cumbersome, expensive to launch, and even more expensive to maintain according to Techopedia. Companies will need a dedicated IT team and managers from many different departments to ensure that the intranet is always functional and the content is up to date. Companies seem to struggle with ensuring their staff is using their intranet to its fullest potential and a lot of this seems to stem around how much irrelevant content there is to the average employee. Platforms that bring new tech into the mix like OurPeople, have found ways to keep users informed and have access to content that is relevant to their primary job role.

Many intranets broadcast so much general information that even an “in the loop” employee will overlook crucial content that was relevant to their job role. It would be great if intranets could nail down and target exactly who should have that new message from the company — but intranets are not designed this way. So after all the money and labor put into designing, launching, and creating awareness around the intranet, companies still seem to struggle to get a message across to frontline teamsOurPeople has developed a way to simplify exactly who a message will reach and when to do so. This creates a quick readable message for the employee while providing the employer with a report to understand who read and interacted with their message.

Intranets were designed to hold company data but never seem to get communicating with employees quite right. Some internal surveys have found, people feel that an intranet is just flat communication with no collaboration or relevance to them. This is true with most intranets as it seems to be more of a platform for holding data, not a platform for an organization to communicate and grow. There is better ways to improve culture in a company and OurPeople helps bridge the gap between everyone; providing group, direct, and topic based messaging without the need for any intranet or company directory.

Businesses today need to stay current within, to stay relevant to the world. Intranets are never easily accessible from outside company walls. Most IT teams require complicated passwords, proxy keys, or just flat out; “must be on ‘X’ network”, to access job critical data. Limitations like this create terrible breakdowns in communication and frustration for employees. Staff want to be able to access files, folders, and communicate with the company, but when they are out of the office — generally it is just not possible. Some intranets may be “mobile friendly” but you will just find a water down version of the same old intranet, now just on a much smaller and unusable screen. To stay current within, OurPeople brings simplicity directly to your employees when and where they want it. Quickly from their app store they can download the OurPeople app for iOS and Android and be logged-in in seconds. Something as simple as a free app download, with no clunky passwords, then right into communicating with each other and the company, can be extremely refreshing for anyone used to an old intranet. Mobile ready means frontline and non-desk employees will be ready for work. Companies can count on this, as reports are created automatically within the platform and downloadable to customize with ease.

In short, if you have found any of this article relatable to your current intranet predicament, it is time to change. Make the switch to OurPeople and bring on the culture and open communication you have always wanted with that old intranet. Improve your company, bring on a better platform to engage and communicate to your frontline and non-desk teams. The screen they looks at the most each day is sitting right in their hands, use it. Adapting your organization’s culture and targeting relevant people quickly will improve your team engagement and overall business. Intranets — rest in peace, OurPeople is the solution your people need.

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