Top 5 Business Challenges Solved with OurPeople’s Top-Rated Platform

Jun 19, 2018

After talking with a handful of clients who have researched and requested more information about OurPeople the following are the most referenced reasons someone has requested more information.

1. Businesses are looking to improve team engagement & receive reporting on improvements.

With OurPeople managers can view reports on department communications, individuals themselves, or the entire company. This allows leadership to ensure simple or complex messages are opened, digested, and agreed upon by their team.

2. Businesses lack control over their data when allowing (or not) DIY alternative for communications.

Our People is entirely under company control. Customer and proprietary information is always secure within the OurPeople platform. If a user leaves the business the data is secured, and the user is logged out. OurPeople ensures that personal and private data is never visible to others within the platform. It will keep personal data from social profiles, phone numbers, and more from spilling into the workplace.

3. Businesses want an easy way to send information quickly and to the right person.

OurPeople’s “tag” based profile system is extremely powerful and yet simple to use. Your employees have a profile built exclusive to them based on job position, skill sets, location availability, and more. Managers can rest assured that the sent content is to the relevant individuals the first time and are able to see when the team engages with the content.

4. Businesses frequently use LMS tools that are expensive, clunky, and require constant development and upkeep.

Many businesses want to easily update teams, individuals, or an entire company on a policy change or promotion and yet still tend to implement old school methods to do this — emails, bulletin boards, and learning management systems (LMS). OurPeople allows you to send combined, easy to digest “stacks” or groups of “cards” and ensure they read it; then quiz them on the info they learned. All data is then reported right back into the console and compared to older methods, companies using OurPeople see results improvement of over 48% in the first day of sending the content.

5. Businesses struggle to maintain a forecasted revenue stream when unpredictable things happen.

OurPeople allows something as simple as a call out to be a thing of the past. What took managers over 1 hour to do by calling, texting, waiting for a response to find cover; can now be done with a simple “broadcast”. The shift opening is sent only to the employees who qualify to fill the shift based on their profile skills, location, etc. and the manager received a response in seconds when an employee accepts. This creates a better strategy to find coverage, prevent revenue loss, save time, and reduce customer churn.

Take a look at OurPeople yourself and see how this innovative platform can improve your business!

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