Compliance Suite

Efficient workforce management combined with accurate workplace analytics allow you to analyse communications and find ways to improve.

Workforce management covers a lot of different elements, and these are different for each business and industry, but with the OurPeople platform, you can handle a range of processes in one place, such as communications, file sharing, data gathering, shift cover and more. This makes it easier for your teams to carry out their work and get the results you expect.

While these features help, a compliance suite that includes workplace analytics helps you make informed decisions based on how your teams and employees are using the platform. This lets you streamline some tasks, allocate more resources where needed and tailor the communications you send to their recipients, ensuring messages are relevant and get the engagement you want.

There are many ways to do this, with features such as digital signatures for documents, read receipts on messages, and different types of content that require an action once read, such as a quiz card, or a form. Knowing what your teams and employees respond best to can help ensure future messages are acknowledged faster and more effectively, and this means your teams can do their jobs with the right information and resources to hand, whether they’re accessing OurPeople through a computer or on a mobile device.

Get A Digital Signature On Important Communications

When important documents are shared, a digital signature can be acquired as proof that the file has been received and accepted. Not only does this provide a log of who’s accessing resources, which is important with sensitive information, but it also shows what teams or job roles need to complete their work. This can also be seen in OurPeople’s analytics, so you can improve processes and resources teams that need it.

Use Read Receipts To Know Who Sees Messages

When a message is sent, it’s not always easy to see who has read it if there’s no action to take right away, and this is where read receipts helps OurPeople stand out. They can also help identify where further training on the platform can help teams better make use of the features they can use. Quiz cards, as another example, can be responded to easily and provides a clear response that the message has been seen and absorbed. There are a range of features to encourage engagement.

Workplace Analytics Provide A Clear Picture

With OurPeople, the workplace analytics gives you all the data you need on what’s happening with the messages you send. This lets you see how messages are being engaged with, the results from forms you create, and more. The goal is to help you create more useful communications that the recipients need and interact with to better complete their work.