The 2016 “Internet Minute”

Love it or hate it

The way we communicate in our personal lives has changed dramatically over the past ten years. The way we communicate at work really hasn’t changed much at all. We now live in a world where in one single “Internet Minute” we send:

  • 20.8 million + messages via WhatsApp
  • 347,222 new Tweets
  • Share 527,760 photos on Snapchat
  • Download 51,000 apps from the Apple App Store.

These figures have grown exponentially year on year and are only set to continue to grow.

2006 vs 2016

Yet, with all this development in technology and huge shift in the way that we communicate outside the work environment, the way that we communicate at work — particularly with our remote or “deskless” workforces — has remained largely unchanged for the past decade.

2006 — the year of the company intranet, word of mouth information cascades and company newsletters…

2016 — the year of the company intranet, word of mouth information cascades and company newsletters…

Smartphone adoption

The most notable shift in the last 10 years has been the adoption of the smartphone with 70% of UK adults now owning a smartphone (90% of 16–24 year olds). Coupled with this adoption rate, we have seen trends of businesses starting to adopt consumer messaging apps and attempt to apply them to business.

Whilst understandable that Team Members attempt to “recycle” consumer based Apps like WhatsApp in the workplace, companies are soon realising that the lack of company control and oversight can often overshadow the positive engagement and faster communication that a messaging tool brings to the table.

So here’s an idea…

Rather than allowing staff to implement consumer messaging applications like WhatsApp themselves, doesn’t it make more sense to provide them with messaging tools they are familiar with and use on a daily basis in their personal lives, but instead all under company control?

Rather than implementing a company intranet that only those who work from a desk can access regularly, doesn’t it make sense to provide Team Members with easy access to all relevant company documentation, news, events via their smartphone?

Rather than making endless phone calls when trying to cover a shift, does it make sense to send one push notification to all relevant staff who can respond in seconds?

We think so.

OurPeople is a Team Engagement Tool designed specifically for the Fitness Industry, aimed at workforces which do not work from a computer on a regular basis. Are you interested in finding out more?

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