Automation And Message Scheduling

Set reminders, send recurring communications and schedule for later. OurPeople automation makes message scheduling simple.

Using your time efficiently matters, and that’s why OurPeople has a range of automation features that can help you create messages and content when it suits your needs, but sending them at a more suitable time. You can minimise disruption to staff on shift, while using message notifications to ensure they know there’s something to see. For recurring messages, tasks or actions, set a reminder to make sure nothing is forgotten or missed.

Utilise Messaging Scheduling

Need to send an announcement, quiz or survey for later? No problem. Build it when you have the time and schedule it to send later. This message scheduling means you can make sure teams get messages at the most effective time, so you won’t disrupt staff at busy times during their shifts.

You can also use a content schedule to make sure each update has the best impact on your recipients.

Scheduling modal
Schedule for later

Nudge Teams With A Daily Reminder

Set a reminder to go to team members if they have not responded to a message within a set time frame. This is perfect for open shifts or survey responses, where time is a critical factor for decisions that have to be made.

Set your communications to send on an hourly, daily or even weekly basis. Daily reminders are perfect for tasks and updates that need to be repeated, while the frequency can be changed depending on the message and what impact you want it to have.