Bulk SMS

Reach the entire team with bulk SMS messages. OurPeople knows which employees have checked OurPeople and seen the updates you send.

OurPeople is a communication tool that offers plenty of ways to connect with and keep in touch with your staff. Using team chats and content cards to provide updates is the most common method, but for staff who haven’t seen your updates, you can send bulk SMS messages to remind employees they have things to see. You can also send push notifications alongside bulk sms messages to catch users no matter what device they use or where they are.

Push Notifications To Alert Employees

Your frontline teams are busy doing their jobs, and that means they won’t always be able to check OurPeople for important messages and updates. With push notifications, you can make sure that employees immediately know there’s something they need to see as soon as they check their device.

With recurring push notifications, you can make sure there’s a higher chance of staff seeing the update. While you want to avoid notifications becoming annoying, with the right balance you can show users how important the message is.

SMS Alert
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