Team Feedback

Fast and powerful
team feedback

Using the Our People Console, Management can quickly and easily create staff surveys that are quick and easy for team members to complete via the Our People App. Managers use a simple drag and drop interface to build the survey they require.

Give your team
that little Push

All surveys arrive on the team members phone with a Push Notification. The Our People app will also intermittently remind staff who are yet to complete their survey. Push notifications help to drastically improve staff response rates and times.

Staff ratings -
keep things simple

Choose from a number of templates to help build the perfect survey for your organisation. Ask staff to rate their shift out of five or answer simple multiple-choice questions. Staff navigate through the survey screens, quickly and efficiently, providing all the insight needed.

Ask an
open question

Sometimes you need to gather more general team feedback and comments. The “open question” Card provides team members with the ability to respond in a chat style format, meaning they can provide management with more detailed responses wherever needed.

Powerful insights

All responses are fed back to the Our People Console for analysis. View who has responded and who has not. Drill into detail on each of the questions. View average ratings and much more. All the data can be exported.

Feedback your team will be happy to provide 👊

Increase engagement

Remote workers respond well to short interactions. Watch responses come rolling in.

It's on their phone

Leverage the device they use every single day, to gain valuable insights into your business.

Nice and simple

Choose from a huge number of different templates, and guide your staff through the survey.

Protect their privacy

Consumer apps like WhatsApp make phone numbers visible to all. With Our People, private data is protected.

Protect their privacy

Allow staff to speak their mind. Provide them with the ability to remain anonymous.

Export the data

Team feedback can be can be delivered in PDF, Word, CSV, JSON, HTML, or XML formats.

get started today…

If you can make a list or send an email, you can use Our People. Starting a team is really that simple.