Share crucial company information

Everything your Team needs.
All in one place.

Via the Manager console, drag and drop all of the most crucial company information directly to the pocket of every single employee. Upload almost any type of file type, and empower team members to access on the fly.

Tailored for each
team member

Using Tags, Managers can decide who has access to view each individual file or folder. Rather than a team member being overwhelmed with a huge amount of irrelevant content, provide them with just the information they need to see.

Your company A-Z
with Help Centre

Help Centre provides team members with an "A-Z" searchable guide to their job role. Using Tags, this can be tailored to each team member's specific needs. The information staff need to carry out their shift is easily accessible and really easy to find.

Make sure employees have
the most recent file.

Almost any kind of File can be shared via the Our People App. Staff are notified when a File is changed or updated. No more confusion over which document is the most recent - everybody is kept in the loop.

All within company control

All information uploaded to the Our People Platform is stored safely within the App. This means that if a team member were ever to leave the company, all data would be removed from their device.

Everything your Team needs 🙌

Where they need it

It's common fact that hourly employees struggle to access a company computer during their shift. Problem solved.

Relevant information

Use Tags to provide staff with just the information that is relevant to them. No more data overload.

Latest File

The Our People App makes it clear to each Team Member when a file has been updated. Meaning everyone is on the same page.

Protect their data

The Our People App can be set to only download data over WiFi, meaning Team Members will never go over their data limit.

Protect company data

All company data is shared via the Our People Platform, meaning that crucial company data is available, but all within company control.

Remove the strain

Help Centre provides the Team with a tailored list of FAQs, drastically reducing the number of questions directed at Head Office.

get started today…

If you can make a list or send an email, you can use Our People. Starting a team is really that simple.