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Peak performance for your team

From class cover to training & development, making sure that your team are at the top of their game has never been easier.

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Team messaging without the noise

Communication in a fast-paced fitness environment can be difficult to manage. OurPeople’s Tags ensure that your team only receive relevant updates. Keep them informed, cut out the noise.

Save managers time

Cover classes and shifts at the tap of a button

Sign off in a tap

Compliance tracking and auditing right in your hand

Know they know

Witness the fitness with real-time reporting. See which team members have read and engaged with your content, giving you concrete stats on a simple dashboard.

Class sub management built for growing teams


With four studios, thirty-six staff members and additional sites planned in the near future, streamlining communications across the team was a priority for Julie; she needed to ensure communication was consistent, the team had an easy way to ask questions, update staff on procedures, and recruit substitute instructors quickly and efficiently.

Intended Outcomes

We hold up to twelve classes a day in each location, that’s almost fifty classes in total and doesn’t include private training sessions. I needed a system that was secure, efficient and worked in real-time to enable me to manage shift cover for substitute instructors or front desk staff quickly, as it’s an area that can rapidly get out of control.


Staff love the fact it’s easy to use and feel very comfortable with it. My managers are thrilled we have a system that is growing with us and provides us with the capabilities to find substitute instructors quickly. What’s more, once assigned, it gives the instructor the option to add it to their personal calendar, helping remind them they are booked to teach the class.

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About the business

Business type: Pilates Studio – Group and Private Class
Locations: 4
Staff size: 40+

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