Team Messaging without the noise

Building a profile
of your workforce

Team Members invited to the Our People app are assigned with Job Roles and Skills to build them a profile and define the communications they receive, information they can access and colleagues they can contact.

Your very own
custom Tags

Managers can target their messages with precision. From their phone or computer, team members are quickly included by filtering messages to send to people with certain skills, job roles or departments. Reach out to the entire organisation, group of locations, a department or even a specific individual in a flash.

Reach everyone
in less than 30 seconds

Every team member is provided with their very own personalised "Queue" of content, which is both relevant and quick to read. Tags guide Management to select only team members who need to be included – drastically reducing communication overload.

It all starts with a card

When messaging team members, Managers select from a series of content templates that we call “Cards”. Cards arrive on the team member's Queue and allows them to swipe through and interact with the content. All interactions are reported to Management.

Messaging for business

For less formal communications, any team member can initiate a direct message with colleagues. Management can also create group messaging and “Topics” to allow large groups of staff to communicate together. Share a photo, video or file. Unlike consumer based apps, everything is within company control.

Why your people will ❤️ Our People Messaging

Right where they are

Everything they need to succeed in the workplace, right in their pocket. Goodbye outdated intranet.

WiFi Only

Protect their data plan. In a few simple swipes, set the App to download content over WiFi only. Easy!

Holiday Mode

Everyone needs a break now and then. Allow staff to mute notifications - all relevant info is available on their return.

Protect their privacy

Consumer apps like WhatsApp make phone numbers visible to all. With Our People, private data is protected.

No Passwords

App Users are authenticated via a secure token. No passwords to remember, ever. We like to keep things simple.

Company Control

Managers control who is added to the system. If a team member leaves, all data is removed from their device keeping things nice and secure.

get started today…

If you can make a list or send an email, you can use Our People. Starting a team is really that simple.