Provide new staff with the welcome they deserve

Welcome brand new
team members.

Get new team members up to speed quickly by providing them with their induction straight to their phone via the Our People app. Using Tags, Management can target set staff with tailored inductions, making sure new team members know everything they need to succeed.

Provide exceptional
customer service faster

Traditionally, new team members spend their first couple of shifts working through their induction whilst at work. Save time and money by allowing new colleagues to begin their training the moment they are invited to the Our People Platform.

Keep existing staff
in the loop.

Share the latest training updates with the entire team, not just new employees. If a piece of induction information is updated, all team members can be notified. Changing a plan or procedure? No problem, everyone can be signed off.

Maintain knowledge with
quick quizzes

Over time, knowledge can fade from the minds of employees. Using Tags, Managers can schedule regular “Quizzes” to test staff knowledge and to provide them with a gentle reminder of a specific business area.

Report on it all

Track employee progress through their induction and view the results. Automated reminders will prompt staff to continue with their learning. View high scorers and track knowledge progress over time.

Making Onboarding new staff a breeze 🎉

Right where they are

Everything they need to succeed in the workplace, right in their pocket. Goodbye outdated intranet.

WiFi Only

Protect their data plan. In a few simple swipes, set the App to download content over WiFi only. Easy!

Holiday Mode

Everyone needs a break now and then. Allow staff to mute notifications - all relevant info is available on their return.

Protect their privacy

Consumer apps like WhatsApp make phone numbers visible to all. With Our People, private data is protected.

No Passwords

Team Members are authenticated via a secure token. No passwords to remember, ever. We like to keep things simple.

Company Control

Managers control who is added to the system. If a team member leaves, all data is removed from their device keeping things nice and secure.

get started today…

If you can make a list or send an email, you can use Our People. Starting a team is really that simple.