Report on everything

Know your communication
has been seen

From within the Our People Console, Management can instantly view which Broadcasts have been seen by Team Members. It is also possible to view when a Team Member interacts with a piece of content, "marking as read" or responding.

Track individual

View responses from an individual member of the Team. For example, a request for their availability, capturing their feedback or asking them to sign for an important piece of information.

View responses from
the entire Team

Capture data from a wider group of staff. Using Tags, information can be Broadcast to a specific group of staff who respond. Cover shifts in seconds using the Open Shift Card, and view who is available. No more missed shifts.

View every interaction

With the Our People Platform, it is possible to view a full log of team member interactions. From tracking when a Team member accepts their invitation to join, right through to their last login.

Export and share

All data can be exported from the Our People Console into multiple formats including PDF, Word, CSV, JSON, HTML, or XML formats - or shared via API.

get started today…

If you can make a list or send an email, you can use Our People. Starting a team is really that simple.