Crisis Communication

Crisis communications need to be created and delivered in a very short time, and with a platform like OurPeople, you can target the right teams with easy to make content relevant to them.

No business likes having to resort to crisis communication, but when the need arises, time is often against you. This is a time when a team communication platform, such as OurPeople, can really make a difference as the messages you can send can be sent to different employees or teams with our tag system, and the content can be tailored to each recipient, ensuring you deliver the information they need in a timely manner.

When crisis comms are needed, you’ll most likely be following a crisis communication plan. This helps you set out what messages need to be sent out, when, and to whom, but jumping between different platforms or messaging mediums is a complication you don’t need. Our platform can be accessed by teams anywhere, especially frontline teams who don’t sit at a desk for much of their working day. Whether your employees work on desktops, mobile devices or with other tools, you can be sure your messages will be delivered to them.

In some cases, you’ll need responses from your teams before taking the next steps, or to adjust your plan accordingly. A single platform for messages, feedback, data collection and file sharing can make crisis communication management much simpler, allowing you to focus on the more important issues you’re facing.

Crisis Communication Management

Crisis communication is more than just messages. You’ll need to be able to deliver the right content to the right people and teams, and OurPeople allows you to do this, with messages showing up on their home screen for immediate visibility. You can mark important levels, too, so staff know when something urgent needs their attention. You can also use the platform to onboard temporary staff and collect data you need to adapt to a changing situation quickly.

Reach The Right People With A Crisis Communication Plan

With crisis comms, you need to make sure the recipients of your messages are the right ones. A crisis communication plan can help identify who needs to know what – and when – but actually creating and delivering those messages takes time. OurPeople lets you create content easily, but the tag system available makes it easy for you to select the right teams for your message. This means you can make sure everyone knows what they need to for the situation you’re in.

Crisis Comms For Your Frontline Teams

While you need to act quickly and get your messages out to your teams, you might find yourself in a situation where you need their knowledge, experiences or feedback to make sure you adapt accordingly. OurPeople allows you to make forms quickly and easily for teams to fill out and help management make decisions to move forward, whether it’s frontline teams dealing with customers, gathering data or even just making sure staff are coping with the situation.