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Communication in a fast-paced fitness environment can be difficult to manage. OurPeople’s Tags ensure that your team only receive relevant updates. Keep them informed, cut out the noise.


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Witness the fitness with real-time reporting. See which team members have read and engaged with your content, giving you concrete stats on a simple dashboard.

Helping Europe’s largest Gym to overcome their communicatons challenge


With hundreds of instructors working across its five clubs, managing communication and class cover was a challenging issue for Third Space with their instructors choose to communicate via messaging apps rather than email. Ensuring that all staff received and actioned important updates was near impossible.

Intended Outcomes

All instructors work across multiple sites with little to no access to a computer, meaning that Third Space needed to find a platform that would enable them to quickly and effectively reach relevant team members on the device of their choice. With members including the likes of Prince Harry, David Beckham and Guy Ritchie, ensuring that they stay ahead of the competition and members always enjoy a first-class experience are of utmost importance.


As Third Space never cancel classes, OurPeople has enabled them to ensure that the quality of instructor never dips below the 10/10 that their members expect. They now also send a series of stimulating and interesting quizzes, surveys and messages, including the anatomy and physiology update as well as a motivational quote from the Mind/Body team and the recommended ‘track of the week’, with insight on its genre and BPM. Using OurPeople has saved them several hours per week arranging class cover as well as enabling them to track and test knowledge and engagement levels amongst staff.

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About the business

  • Business type: Luxury Gyms
  • Location: 5 locations across London
  • Staff size: 350+
  • Turnover: £33m +

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