3 Tips to Help Keep Your Data Flowing Between Your Teams

Having information flowing freely and uninhibited between teams fosters an atmosphere of collaboration, boosts efficiency and avoids ‘data bloat’ within companies. But it can sometimes be a challenge to keep data moving between departments and managers or decision makers.


Posted by: Sean Daley

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Multiple working locations, hybrid and remote working and a plethora of devices and departments can all contribute to data and information stagnating in pinch points in any organisation. So, how is it possible to simplify proceedings and keep everyone in your organisation informed with key information?

Data Flow Challenges

Keeping your teams on the same page in terms of business priorities and goals helps them do their jobs properly. If a lack of data sharing becomes critical it can affect your client experience and your bottom line.

Challenges can include:

  • Time being wasted as employees are unable to find the data needed to complete their workload
  • Managers can’t access business critical data that tracks business progress
  • Miscommunication between departments builds mistrust
  • Companywide policies aren’t followed as they aren’t widely known

If any of the above sound familiar, here are 3 tips to help keep your data following between your teams.

#1 Foster a Culture of Open Communication and Transparency

If employees know their company places value on communication and transparency, they will be more inclined to adopt this in their working practices. It is very important to instill this from the beginning and ingrain it into your company culture.

Your employees will feel more engaged and involved if you keep them informed. To do this you need to create an environment where two-way communication between employees and leadership is entrenched. Having a reliable form of communication that goes two ways is vital.

#2 Improve Your Communication Tools

Lack of communication shouldn’t be tolerated in any organisation especially as technology can assist in the relaying of information. It is just not good enough anymore for leadership teams to be hiding behind antiquated communication methods.

This is especially important now as more teams work remotely. It is crucial a company invests in the right applications, systems and software that supports teams and allows them to do their job properly. Communication systems should be at the top of the list.

If you are a business that operates with frontline or field workers it can be extremely beneficial to provide communications via mobile devices since access to a computer or certain hardware may not be available. Be aware of these roadblocks and prepare accordingly.

If a company still has outdated communication methods, they can expect bottlenecks and the subsequent frustrations they create.

#3 Encourage Collaboration

When teams work in silos, they can become disconnected to the overall company mission and purpose. If you encourage collaboration between your teams and tie this to your company values and culture, you will create mutual trust between teams. When teams are aligned with the leadership mission and understand the mutual goals, they will be more inclined to share information.

To do this, leaders must show teams are not in conflict with each other but are working together to achieve business priorities. To encourage better collaboration, leaders must bring team members together to build a foundation so they can work together effectively.

OurPeople’s Communication Solution

We make communication our mission. We give clients a multitude of different ways of keeping their data flowing between teams. Using OurPeople’s platform you can send videos, images, texts, quizzes, surveys and more, all adapted to the different needs of your organisation. Often businesses with frontline teams or deskless workers struggle with communication due to no computer station or work email. With OurPeople everything is communicated through a mobile device. No work email? No problem.

If you find a certain type of content does well with a team, you can ensure that’s what you use in the future, and there’s plenty of data you can analyse, such as message engagement, read receipts and actions taken to help draw your conclusions. This keeps you fully informed of what is resonating with your teams.

Keeping data flowing does take time but we’ve made everything simple to use. With different kinds of content and easy tools to tailor messages to the recipients, you can ensure that what you’re sending is what they need or will get their attention. Combine this with our tagging system and you can make sure only the employees or teams you want to send content to will receive it. This means you’ll see better engagement rates than catch-all emails where only some people will engage.

So, if you are looking to keep the data flowing between your teams to deliver crucial information, increase workplace productivity and boost team knowledge, OurPeople can help you deliver this data with one simple platform that reaches everyone in your business. Schedule a free demo with one of our customer success managers and learn how OurPeople can improve your team communication!