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ActiveNL is a dynamic Sport & Leisure Trust that thrives on listening to and communicating with our customers. They deliver top-quality products at fabulous prices and they aim to make their community fitter, healthier, and more vibrant.


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Graeme Morrison, Operations Manager at North Lanarkshire Leisure, identified a significant challenge in efficiently coordinating a team of over 50 employees responsible for swimming lessons across diverse locations. The pre-existing communication methods, including Facebook, WhatsApp, texts, emails, and phone calls, proved time-consuming and ineffective. The primary issue was reaching staff promptly to ensure adequate coverage for swimming lessons, impacting both program continuity and customer satisfaction.


Morrison implemented the Our People App in January 2018 to address the previous challenges. The app served as a secure and cost-effective communication tool for managing the remote team. It provided a streamlined platform that surpassed expectations regarding ease of use, staff engagement, and rapid development. The app's portable nature allowed for quick and efficient mass communication, particularly benefiting key personnel spending up to two hours daily coordinating swimming lesson coverage.


The Our People App demonstrated remarkable results, showcasing a 50% improvement in efficiently covering swimming lessons. This translated into tangible benefits for North Lanarkshire Leisure, protecting crucial income streams, enhancing customer retention, and instilling confidence in their services. The app's impact extended beyond the Aquatics team, influencing the overall efficiency of communication within the organization. The successful integration of the app not only addressed the initial challenge but also elevated the organization's operational effectiveness and responsiveness to staff needs.

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"It has surpassed any expectations, in particular with the ease of use and staff engagement."

Graeme Morrison

Operations & Business Development Manager