OurPeople Announced as a Key Sponsor for ADP Pro Summit 2024

Orlando, Florida | May 15-17, 2024


Posted by: Adam Neveu


OurPeople Announced as a Key Sponsor for ADP® Pro Summit 2024

[May 15-17, 2024/Orlando, Florida] – OurPeople, a leading provider of workforce communication and engagement solutions, proudly announces its sponsorship of the ADP® Pro Summit 2024, scheduled to take place at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida, from May 15th to May 17th.

ADP Pro Summit is an esteemed annual event dedicated to empowering clients and partners to innovate and excel in their workforce management strategies. From practical workshops to visionary keynote speeches, attendees will immerse themselves in a rich learning environment designed to elevate their skills and drive organizational success with ADP’s Next Level Solutions.

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The summit will feature a diverse array of sessions, including:

1.    Certification Preparation: Tailored sessions will equip attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve certification in payroll and human resources through ADP Workforce Now®. This underscores ADP’s commitment to fostering professional development and expertise among its user base.

2.    Workforce Management Strategies: Attendees will delve into advanced reporting, talent strategies, benefits administration, payroll innovations, and HR compliance, gaining invaluable insights into optimizing workforce management practices and navigating regulatory requirements effectively.

3.    Product Innovation and Integration: Discussions will explore cutting-edge features such as AI-driven assistance, continuous feedback mechanisms, enhanced time management, and integrations, highlighting the ever-evolving landscape of HR technology and the imperative for seamless, efficient solutions to meet organizational needs.

OurPeople is particularly excited to be a part of the ADP Pro Summit due to its deep involvement in workforce management strategies and product innovation. As a sponsor, OurPeople looks forward to contributing to the vibrant exchange of ideas and insights that characterize this premier industry event.

“OurPeople is thrilled to support ADP Pro Summit 2024 and collaborate with industry leaders and practitioners to shape the future of workforce management,” said Ross McCaw, CEO at OurPeople. “We are committed to empowering organizations with innovative communication and engagement solutions that drive productivity and foster employee satisfaction. ADP Pro Summit provides an ideal platform for us to connect with like-minded professionals and showcase the transformative potential of our offerings.”

For more information about ADP Pro Summit 2024, visit here.