Operational Management

OurPeople make operational management simple. You can reduce paperwork, share files and create forms for staff to complete - all from their own device.

Operational management is crucial for a successful business. With different teams operating in different locations and fulfilling different roles, there are a lot of pieces to fit together. Using a single platform to manage your frontline operations streamlines your processes, making you more efficient. The advantage of the OurPeople platform is that it can be accessed on computers and mobile devices, so workers can use the device they already own to complete their shift.

Messages can be sent to specific operational teams and staff, allowing you to tailor the content to their needs. Whether that’s text, image, or video content, you can use the analytics dashboard to see how people engage with those messages and tailor future content to what gets the best engagement. You can also ask for feedback from staff to better allocate your resources for future shifts.

With a single platform to handle your service operations management, you avoid having to switch between tools to send messages and files, check analytics, cover shifts, and any other tasks or functions you need to complete. Keeping everything in one place, with OurPeople, saves you time that can then be spent on other parts of your business.

Full Service Operations Management

Make sure your frontline operations run smoothly with service operations management that provides every team with the information and resources they need with the OurPeople platform. This can be done with the file sharing feature, ensuring the documents and files are shared with the right staff, through our tag feature, on the devices they use everyday – wherever they are. There’s no need to be chained to a specific device or location, making it easier to get what they need on the go.

Support Your Operational Teams

Your operational teams, the ones on the front line, are in the most pressurised environments of your business. They handle everything that comes their way, from dealing with customers and clients to any unexpected situation, and that means they can benefit from all the support you can provide. The forms from OurPeople can collect data on a regular or adhoc basis, giving you the information needed to make sure they have everything they need to complete their shifts effectively.

Operational management

With the right operational management, you can ensure your teams are fully prepared for anything they may encounter during their shift. While files and documents are a part of it, you need to make sure your staff have the skills and knowledge to complete their work. OurPeople lets you create training courses that staff can work through on their device, helping them be as effective and successful as possible to do their jobs.