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How Whites Foodliner used OurPeople for communication and building team rapport.


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White’s operate in central and western Kansas with seven full-service grocery stores. Their stores are well established in their communities having been in business since 1953, they pride themselves on staying up to date and on the cutting edge of retail whilst maintaining a customer focused approach.


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His employees are a disparate group, spread across seven locations often geographically hours apart from each other. Many of them have never met face to face.


While attending a business networking group about two years ago, communication tools came up for discussion. White was intrigued, Googled communication platforms and found OurPeople. White’s as a company do not rely on email anymore. OurPeople is now their chosen method of communication. Previously it has always been a challenge to take vital staff members off the store floor to access a back office to read emails. Nowadays, all staff can communicate in real time on the app from their phones, sending relevant information to everyone who needs it. They can ping a message using the OurPeople app and no time is wasted. The constant communication and sharing of ideas have built a rapport between stores that wasn’t there before. The camaraderie that has developed has only benefitted the company, bringing it closer together and more efficient. For example, a frozen food section manager can take a picture of the frozen food section in their store and share it with all the other frozen food managers in the different stores using their group Chat function. Each manager can then give valuable feedback, whilst also replicating ideas in their store. The simplicity of the app is what adds to this success.


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"The OurPeople app is a great tool if you use it correctly. It is the most effective way to communicate with everyone in your organization with quick concise messages. As a company you need to be all in and get adoption companywide especially with the leadership team and managers. It creates a sense of competition amongst teams that encourages them to get better and it has made our company a tighter knit group.”

Jordan White