Work at the speed of chat

Quick chat. Job done.

Use OurPeople’s Chat feature to share important updates and get answers, fast. Talk to individuals or start a conversation with your whole team. When you invite the right people, Chat’s a powerful tool with instant results.

Simple interface

Designed to save you time.

Why do teams like Chat? Because it’s easy – everyone knows how to use it. Chat in OurPeople is designed with busy teams in mind – just download the app and add your people to the right groups. When your team wants to chat, they just open the app and start a conversation. Everyone’s connected. No time wasted. 

Everyone’s invited

Part of the team. Part of the chat.

New starter? Tag them and they’re automatically added to group chats. New chat group? Tag the people you want and they’re in. Set rules, so OurPeople remembers who to add to groups before you do. Everyone’s included. Nobody’s left out

Right people. Right chat group

A time and a chat for everything.

Respect your team’s time by managing who sees what. Streamline your team communications by creating chats for new projects and processes, and decide who joins each group. OurPeople Chat works the way you want to – based on job roles, locations or teams.

No distractions

Focus on the job, not the chat

Nobody needs notifications when work needs to be done. Limit the number of group chats or the number of people in every group, or turn Chat off at certain times of the day. You’re in control. 

Protect personal data

End private chat groups.

Add people when they’re hired, so they’re instantly included. Remove them when they leave, so confidential information stays that way. No more data silos or security risks. Finally, work chat and work data stay where they belong – at work.

Frequently asked questions

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How secure is OurPeoples chat functionality?

Yes, there are multiple Chat settings available for each organization’s needs. Chat can be fully enabled, Team driven, Topic based, or Off completely.

Is the chat functionality included in all pricing plans

To learn what plans include Chat, view our current packages on the pricing page.

What is a topic?

Topics are a great way to offer engaging employee Group Chats that can be named for a specific purpose. For example, Garden Club, All Manager Chat, etc. To learn more about Chat and how it can work for your company, book a free demo.

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