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OurPeople brings work tools and communications to every team member, everywhere. No paper, no data chaos, no distractions.

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One place for everyone

All your processes and messages

OurPeople puts all your team on the same page, without the paper. Need to send an all-hands message? Or make sure everyone uses the same safety checklists? Everything is right here.

OurPeople One place for everyone
OurPeople SMS, Email, Push

SMS. Email. Push.

Let your people choose

The best tools are ones your teams love using. Nobody needs to download an app if they don’t want to. And nobody needs a corporate email address. OurPeople works for all of your team.

OurPeople, no distractions

No distractions

Share only what matters

Send the right content to the right people – you’re in charge of who gets what. Need to share an update with all your store managers in Europe – or people who joined in the last month? It’s done.

Listen to your team

Surveys made simple

Now everyone can share their feedback – no email account required. From a pulse survey to detailed questionnaires, get the instant data you need to make informed decisions.  

Our People. Listen to your team
OurPeople Your in control

You’re in control

A clear audit trail

OurPeople shows you exactly what’s been sent and what’s been seen. No more data silos. And no more worrying about joiners being left out, or leavers accessing sensitive information. 


Why choose OurPeople



You control the data, and who sees what

Three steps

Three steps

Write, choose and send.

easy integration

Easy integration

Designed to work with your systems

Instant templates

Instant templates

For all content -updates, surveys, events

Any Device

Any device

Via mobile or web app – your people choose

For everyone

For everyone

Bring all your team together

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