One place to stay on-task

One place to stay on-task

Say goodbye to paper chaos

Straight forward forms and checklists your team can use everywhere, on any device. Now your day-to-day tasks and processes are in one place, where managers and teams can share and log the information they need.

Standardise day-to-day tasks

Standardise day-to-day tasks

Where there’s a task, there’s a form

Who wants to read long documents at work? Our forms are practical and short, so you can make them 100% relevant. How to lock up in the evening? Questions to ask a dissatisfied customer? Even ordering everyday supplies. When you standardise the tasks, the work gets done.

The data you need

The data you need

Don’t sweat the small stuff. But do log it

Make doing the right thing easy with OurPeople’s forms – from incident reporting when it happens, to vehicle inspection faults, or completing health and safety checklists. Your team completes the forms, OurPeople tells you what needs to be done. And when people log the things that matter, small issues don’t become big problems.

OurPeople Forms and checklist
Only what matters

Only what matters

Right people, right forms

With OurPeople, you decide which employees see your forms. Tag the relevant people and choose which staff need access. When you send forms to the right people, you’ll get the responses you need – without distracting everyone else.

Use the smart form builder

Use the form builder

Quick answers? Quick form

Our forms are as easy to create as they are to complete. Use the OurPeople form builder tool to drag-and-drop a template, add your information, choose who to send it to, then track results. It takes minutes to create a form that works, with options to upload images, links, videos and more.

Track responses with analytics

Track responses with analytics

See what’s been seen. And what’s been done

Know exactly which to-dos are still to be to-done every day. Receive notifications when forms are complete, or when you need to act. You can see as much or as little detail as you want. Your data is ready and waiting when you need it.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I give limited access to forms?

Yes, each form built is permission driven to specific audience segments, just like a broadcast. You can also give reporting access to specific Admin users.

Can I send a form or checklist to be completed?

Yes, any form can be linked to using a Text Card and sent with a notification and a message to let people know it must be completed.

Can I send recurring checklists?

Yes, similar to using a Text Card with a link, you can set delivery settings to automatically recur, allowing you to send a weekly or monthly checklist to a specific group of employees. To learn more about Forms and how it can work for your company, get a free demo.

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