Keeping Teams Connected

The ultimate team communication platform with messaging, file sharing, surveys & real-time analytics. Everything your business needs to engage, manage and train remote teams.

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Deliver Crucial Information

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Increase Workplace Productivity

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Boost Team Knowledge

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Prove ROI

Internal Communications

Reach everyone in your entire company with one tool. OurPeople connects employees with company email and those without for one seamless communication experience.

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OurPeople integrates with the systems that your employees use on a daily basis. Unify systems using one single tool without the need for a costly bespoke build.

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Human Resources

Keep everyone on the team informed. Share important updates and run regular surveys to keep your finger on the pulse.

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Provide your employees with the tools they need to do their job.OurPeople provides the ability to build custom workflows, share open shifts and build knowledge.

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One simple tool to reach everyone in your business

Deliver your message from one single platform. Real time communication reaches every single employee. No App required. Know your message has been seen.


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Deliver to everyone

Remove paper and maximise productivity

Save time and increase productivity by removing paper processes from your business. Build custom Smart Forms which are easily accessible via the OurPeople App.


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What Our Customers Love About OurPeople

“The OurPeople app has allowed us to share relevant and timely information to our crews. With the added ability to differentiate between various levels and locations, we can quickly send information to the right crew members. As well as being able to have recurring messages over a desired time frame to stay fresh in their minds.”

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Alex Langhans

“With so many daily changes in operations as well as information and updates. OurPeople has been the platform to keep the team engaged and informed.”

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Jacque Silvestre

“With the App installed, and 96% of staff active, there’s no more not knowing who has actually read my messages, and we love the accountability”.

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Heather Graham
European Wax Center

Simple training for Frontline Teams

Provide employees with the skills they need to succeed in their role. Refresh their knowledge over time and boost their development.


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Smartphone and Score
Open Shifts Reporting

Unite your business with one simple to use platform.

Integrations & Automation

Cut the costs of expensive IT projects using out of the box integrations into OurPeople Partners. One single platform signposts employees to all you IT systems.


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OurPeople Partnership Integrations
Smartphone and chat

Team Chat

Employees can communicate with each other in a safe/GDPR compliant space where personal information is protected.


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