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Bowser Automotive Enhances Employee Communication with OurPeople


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Bowser Automotive, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a leading dealership group carrying eight different vehicle brands across three locations in the greater Pittsburgh area. With approximately 310 employees, the company faced challenges in internal communication, especially with the traditional methods of face-to-face meetings and paper-based communications.


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Efficient Communication Needed Across Multiple Locations

The primary challenges included the need for efficient communication across three locations, the diverse range of employee roles, and the difficulty in reaching employees who were not regularly accessing email. Face-to-face meetings were time-consuming, and paperwork stapled to paychecks was not an effective means of communication.

Megan Erney, Advertising, and Public Relations Director, discovered OurPeople through her husband, who used the app in his company of 60 employees. Recognizing the potential for a larger organization like Bowser Automotive, Megan introduced the platform to streamline internal communications.

Set-Up Challenges for a Large Organisation

Bowser Automotive began using OurPeople in 2019. The initial rollout, facilitated by the OurPeople team, was relatively smooth, though the setup process for a company of 300 employees posed a unique challenge. The OurPeople onboarding team made the process as easy as possible, emphasizing the self-registration option to improve the onboarding experience for new hires.


Frequency of Use

The platform is used multiple times a week to at least twice a month for various internal communications. Directors, the HR Manager, and other admin managers actively use OurPeople. The HR Manager, in particular, utilizes it at least three times a week for employee onboarding.

Streamlined Communications

The Broadcasts feature is widely utilized by the Directors for mass communication. The admin managers use Chats for streamlined communication, such as coordinating service activities across multiple locations.


OurPeople has proven to be a transformative tool for Bowser Automotive, addressing the challenges associated with internal communication in a large and dynamic organization. The platform's successful integration has streamlined processes, improved employee engagement, and positioned the company for more effective communication in the future.

Time Saved - OurPeople has saved hours, especially considering the varied work schedules of employees.

Self-Registration Success - The self-registration feature has increased the speed of onboarding for new hires.

Positive Feedback - Employees appreciate the platform, citing its convenience and efficiency in internal communication.

Image Library - The image library expansion has facilitated the incorporation of royalty-free images into Broadcasts, improving the visual appeal of messages.

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“OurPeople has streamlined internal communications, reduced paper usage, and saved considerable time for managers and employees alike. The platform's flexibility and ease of use make it a valuable asset for a large organization like ours”

Megan Erney

Advertising & Public Relations Director