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Customer Story: Nelbud


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Nelbud is a provider of commercial kitchen fire prevention and equipment maintenance servicing. The company's services include hood cleaning, inspection, maintenance, repair and installation of commercial kitchen exhaust and ventilation, fire extinguisher, and exit light systems, enabling the users to protect from fire.

They employ approximately 300 people across 21 locations that span across the Midwest of the United States including Chicago, Nashville, Boston, New York and Washington DC. The majority of their branches have between five and twenty-five employees working in them.




21 Locations

Team size

300 +


$19 M

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Before installing OurPeople, Nelbud’s internal communication was a bit hit-and-miss. They primarily used email, but this wasn’t effective enough especially as their employees are spread out across multiple locations and many of them work remotely. 69% of their technicians are in the field and work at night so communication has always been a challenge. Furthermore, not everyone has a company email so that added another level of challenge. They did have an HRIS system, but it wasn’t used extensively by enough of their workforce.  

Over-Reliance on Email

Having had to rely on company information being sent via email through managers and branch meetings and employees receiving the information second, third, or fourth-hand, the management team decided they needed to look for a platform they could use primarily on individual phones. By having a system that could be communicated through phones they could alleviate their over-reliance on email. With many of their technicians not having access to a laptop or desktop, tracking personal email was becoming unmanageable.

The management team looked a several different options, but they found out about OurPeople through their ADP marketplace. The connection with ADP was a deciding factor as they didn’t want to have to maintain another platform.


Smooth Rollout

They found the roll-out in July 2022 was very smooth and the quick and painless connection was refreshing after so many previous challenges. Since utilizing OurPeople they have been mainly using the Broadcast function and regularly send these out in all shapes and sizes with images, text, and files attached. They are also starting to use Files more.

The next area they want to integrate into their communication culture is the Smart Forms.

Currently, the HR department is the biggest user, but they have plans to roll out usage further. Their Corporate Admin team is now using it once a week and the President and Safety Director are also incorporating it into their communications. In the last 2 months, they have also rolled it out to managers as they want to move them away from using email and get them to adopt it into their daily routine. On average across the company, the platform is being used twice a week. Every Friday they have a newsletter with a recap of the week. And currently, they have an engagement survey going out.

For them is it all about getting the balance right.


Communication Challenge Fixed

However, one thing is certain – OurPeople has fixed their communication challenge. They can now send out quick and easy communications. Their messages are more eye-catching and visually appealing as they aren’t just text-based anymore. Being able to see who is reading and responding has also been incredibly helpful and is easily one of the biggest benefits.

When asked to describe the OurPeople platform, Krista Fox, Director of Talent and Engagement, said:

“It is a mobile communication tool that is so easy to access for our mobile users. It is a great help when you don’t have a physical building and it has managed to replace our outdated physical bulletin boards.”

When asked whether she would recommend OurPeople, she replied:

“I would and have. Our manufacturing site from our parent company is now using it based on my recommendation. It is an easy way to reach out to all employees and the integration with our current ADP keeps it updated 100%. You don’t have to worry about updating new hires or any employees. Also, the people from OurPeople have been amazing, checking in all the time and very engaged. The follow up is impressive. Everyone is so easy to work with and very responsive. We couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Key stats

~ 20

Broadcasts Sent Per Month


Chats Sent


Uploaded Files

“It is a mobile communication tool that is so easy to access for our mobile users. It is a great help when you don’t have a physical building and it has managed to replace our outdated physical bulletin boards.”

Krista Fox

Director of Talent and Engagement