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How Shirley Swimming Pool used OurPeople to communicate with desk-less employees.


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Shirley Swimming Pool is a privately owned, public swimming pool in Shirley, Southampton that specializes in teaching swimming. They currently have about 1,600 members with 90% of them, children and adults, taking swimming lessons. The final 10% are recreational swimmers.


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You would imagine that working from home wasn’t necessarily an option when running a busy swimming pool but the managers from Shirley Swimming Pool in Southampton aren’t always on site. Often, they find themselves managing the business side of the swimming center from home.


Previously their chosen method of team communication was WhatsApp. With 26 employees to communicate with, this proved problematic. Messages to staff were often unintentionally ignored, due to the high level of messages coming through on multiple WhatsApp groups. They knew something had to change and, by researching different communications platforms, they came across OurPeople. Since introducing the OurPeople communication platform to their business, the uptake has been incredible. Every member of the team uses it, often on a daily basis. The Smart Forms function has revolutionized the way they communicate. One of the main daily tasks that keeps the pool open is testing the pool water every two hours. Previously they were using Google spreadsheets but now they have switched to using Smart Forms to help spot trends in the water testing. They are also using this function for checklists, daily job sheets and keeping the pool running. 


Using the OurPeople platform has helped solved their communication challenges. The managers are finding they’re adopting it into their daily routine to keep abreast of all communications. The swim teachers also find the company-wide broadcasts keep them informed of all inter-business communications.

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“It's got a lot of useful insights into how to communicate messages and for staff members it offers better ways to receive information in different formats over the course of the working week.”

Luke Perry