Only what matters

Important updates, straight to you

Say goodbye to scrolling and hello to targeted messages. No more endless emails ‘to all’, just see what’s relevant. Urgent meeting notification? Crucial safety update? The right communications, instantly on your phone, or device of your choice. 

Instant chat

One place for every conversation

Get straight to the answers you need with team chat for groups or individuals, designed with busy people in mind. Organise chats by location, project or team in a few seconds on your phone – just download and start chatting. 

Everything in one place

Save time. Stop looking for things.

Find and share files from wherever you’re working. Access OurPeople’s knowledge centre from your phone for the latest version of important videos, PDFs, text documents and more. Everything is at your fingertips. No need for a desk or computer.

Forms and checklists

Everyone on the same page. Without the paper.

Make day-to-day tasks simple and log important information fast. End paper chaos, lost documents, and poor filing. It’s just your team using the same forms, in the same way, every day. Complete the form, and get the job don

Swap shifts from your phone

More teamwork, less confusion

Stay on top of shift changes and swaps without checking your emails. OurPeople’s open shifts is one place the whole team can go to log, track, and cover shifts. Book it. Confirm it. And it’s logged – from any device. 

Download the OurPeople app and make work simpler.