File Sharing

File sharing means important documents and manuals are available to all teams at the touch of a button. A true mobile intranet solution for modern day teams.

To really improve the effectiveness of your staff and teams, they need to have access to the right documents and resources with easy file sharing. Using emails can get complicated and confusing, while shared storage can only be accessed from certain devices or locations. With OurPeople, you can share large files easily with the right recipients on the devices they use every day through our file sharing service. This makes it easier for frontline teams to find the resources they need on every shift.

File Sharing And Storage

Provide your team with easy access to policies, procedures and guides all in one convenient location with the great file sharing service included with OurPeople. We know that some staff, especially frontline teams who don’t have regular access to a computer or the time to constantly return to a specific device while on shift.

Keeping important documents in one place, where your staff can access them in an instant, improves efficiency and provides a better experience for both the customers they’re helping and the staff using the file sharing platform.

Smartphone and Console File Sharing
Team Handbooks being uploaded
Quick links to files

Provide Quick Links

Using content cards, managers can quickly link to a file making it simple for employees to locate the document they need. File sharing platforms like OurPeople lets you share anything from a simple PDF to videos, photos and audio files. A reminder will land right on the employee home screen, so you know it’s more likely to be seen.

With quick links, you offer staff another way to locate the resources they need, making file sharing even easier at all stages of the process. Focus on what frontline teams need by sending the files straight to them and organising folders so teams know where to go for what they need.

Tap To Sign

Using the content builder, files can be shared directly with the employee along with a signature card – enabling vital compliance tracking and proving the file has been seen. This is important when trying to understand how teams are using OurPeople and the actions that staff respond well to in different situations. Use the workplace analytics to find out how each message performs.

Digital Signature Modal