Keep your finger on the pulse with simple employee engagement surveys. Broadcast to the team. Receive results in real-time.

Staying connected to your staff and teams through surveys is important for a number of reasons. It means you can send them important documents, information and updates when needed, but it also means they can send you feedback, too. Whether it’s about a shift, their work, a particular task, or even just an update on how they’re feeling, being listened to means they feel valued, and team surveys provide the perfect opportunity for you to listen.

Team Surveys And Feedback

From pulse surveys to employee feedback, OurPeople makes it simple to gain constructive feedback from frontline teams. This is provided in real-time, so you can see the data from team surveys as it arrives, letting you make the right business decisions to meet your goals.

It also provides a way for teams to let you know how they’re feeling, what they’re doing and how they’re coping with their work. This can help you keep on top of issues before they become serious, as well as allocating resources where needed to support any of your staff.

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Target the Right Teams

Managers can use the tag system to target specific staff, teams or the entire company. With fully customisable tags, you can control what employees see within the platform, the messages they receive, and the resources they can access with the file sharing feature.

This level of control makes it easy to manage staff, teams, and processes in a range of environments and industries. With frontline teams that have limited time or access to devices while working, this means you can make sure they only get what’s relevant to them.

Actionable Insights From Surveys

Get a real-time view on what your frontline teams are thinking and feeling. The survey results sent in are instantly visible in the Analytics dashboard, which includes the information sent, engagement rates on messages, views and more. With all of this data, you can find out what teams need, as well as what messages and content performs the best.

Go deeper by looking at the content that performs the best across staff and teams, allowing you to tailor your messages for maximum impact and engagement.

Survey Results