One place for everything

Knowledge at your fingertips.

Give your team access to the resources and training they need to thrive. OurPeople keeps all your files in one place: the Knowledge Center. Videos, PDFs, text documents and more, all accessible from any device. No need for a desk, or a computer

Simple file sharing

A place for every file.

Keep your important files up-to-date by dragging and dropping the latest versions into the Knowledge Center. Want to share a new procedure or an update to a policy document? Send a link on a content card to your team’s home screens and they’ll find it right away. No email and no scrolling.

Boost employee skills

Learn on the job. Learn on your phone.

The best way to learn is little by little. And the best learning tool is the one your people always have with them. Knowledge Center lets you send short courses and quizzes to your team’s phones. A new health and safety training module? Share the file, then follow up with a short quiz to test what they’ve learned.

Right people, right files

Keep files secure

When people see files they shouldn’t, you’ve got problems. Use OurPeople to set permissions, so you can choose who gets what – and you can do exactly the same with updates. When access is streamlined, people only see what matters, and files stay safe.

Manage team development

Make a plan. Then stick to it.

Create an employee development plan, and use OurPeople to manage dates and milestones. Set reminders to keep on top of refresher courses and training completion deadlines. And run reports to keep tabs on everyone’s development. With everything in one place, it’s easy to keep track.

An audit trail for compliance

Prove who knows what.

The best thing about the Knowledge Center? Everything is logged. You can even add ‘Tap to Sign’, which means team members have to confirm when they’ve received and read an important document. This is the proof managers need to demonstrate who’s seen what.

Frequently asked questions

Still not found what you’re looking for?

Can permission access be set up by folder or file?

Yes, using Forms you can anonymize feedback and engagement surveys.

What is the largest file size that can be uploaded?

100MB or less can be uploaded per file. A folder does not have a limit. Each account has a limit of 2TB.

What types of files can be uploaded?

Most common file types such as PDF, Word, PPT, XLSX, etc can be uploaded. It is recommended to upload more mobile-friendly file types that can be easily viewed on a small screen. To learn more about the Knowledge Center and how it can work for your company, book a free demo.

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