186 million unread emails

Jan 24, 2017

In November last year, an IT Contractor at Croyden NHS accidentally sent an email to 840,000 NHS staff. The ensuing replies and “out of office” responses led to claims of an entire email system crash — critically impacting both external and internal communications.

This sort of event is rare, however, even on days where this kind of “accident” does not take place, it is becoming more and more apparent that email as an internal communication method was always far from the perfect solution. Here are a couple reasons why you may wish to rethink email as your main communication tool within your company:

Not everyone has access

Let’s face it, creating and maintaining a corporate email account for a part time Lifeguard who works once a month is a real headache for your IT Team. So much of a headache in fact, that the majority of Leisure Operators only generally tend to provide corporate email to full time / more senior staff. The result: generally the top 10–15% of the workforce are included in direct communication from Senior Management.

Even staff that do have access might not read many emails

A recent report suggested that the average Team Member receives 121 work-related emails every single day. Staff are being overwhelmed by both internal and external communication on a daily basis.

It has become evident over the years that email was never designed for internal communication at this sort of level. The corporate inbox is becoming synonymous with the place where internal communication gets sent to be forgotten.

It’s just an email

An email is simply a one-way message that goes to an individual or group of individuals. We all know what an email is. However, as a tool, what does it really do to help the Team get a job done? Distribution lists might start to help with the problem of getting the relevant message to the correct Team Members. Read receipts might go someway to show who has actually received the message. But other than delivering content, an email, the majority of the time, is often a “blanket” one-way message.

So what’s the alternative?

OurPeople is a Team Engagement tool that designed to include everyone in the entire company — not just management, not just staff who work from a desk during their shift.

OurPeople addresses the “email problem” by providing all Team Members with their own feed of information that is relevant to them. In addition, rather than just sending one way messages and hoping team members are reading them, OurPeople helps management by:

• Providing management with real insight into which communications have been read and responded to (if required).
• Allow staff to access crucial company information direct from their smartphone.
• Engage staff using pulse surveys / ratings and feedback.
• Share compliance / Health and Safety questionnaires which are automatically compiled into a report for management to export.
• Provide staff with learning / training platform so they are better equipped to carry out their roles and provide an even better customer service.

Want more information? Check out the product features here, or get in touch for more information.

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